Set of 6 sealing wax sticks HAZE BLUE

€8.95 (tax incl.)

Sealing wax sticks in a range of 40 colors with a unique presentation. Packaging in cotton paper with rose gold stamping and 2,5 cm sealing wax as a sample of the color contained in the set.

Main characteristics of the product:

- Flexible and viscous formula to create high definition sealing waxes.

- Vibrant and opaque colors. If you want more opacity or thickness, wait for the wax to cool slightly before applying the stamp.

- Each box contains 6 bars of 8 mm in diameter and 12 cm long.

- From each bar comes out 2/3 wax seals depending on the amount of wax you use.

- Available in 40 colors, a whole range to choose from!

- For optimal results a low temperature wax gun should be used.

How to use:

- Turn on the wax gun and wait for it to heat up.

- Insert the stick all the way in and wait until you start to see it melt.

- Press the trigger several times (recommended 3 times) to obtain the required amount of sealing wax. As you use up the bar, insert the next one to push it in.

- For better definition cool the stamp before applying it on the wax.

- Stamp the seal on the wax. If you want to get thicker seals, wait a few seconds before stamping so that the wax cools and expands less when the weight of the stamp is applied.

- Wait until the stamp is cold to lift it. Depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the stamp, this time will vary.

- You can use our heat resistant mat to make the stamps. This way you will be able to lift them when they cool and use them anywhere. If you make them directly on the paper the sealing wax will stick to the surface and you will not be able to remove it without damaging the support.

- If you don't have a gun you can cut the sticks in small pieces and melt them in a spoon applying heat.

*Please note that colors may vary due to screen settings.

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