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0Create sealing wax seals in the cleanest and fastest way with this sealing wax gun manufactured in collaboration with Artis Decor.

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Electric sealing wax gun for 7 and 8 mm diameter sealing wax sticks. Perfect for adding an elegant touch to your projects, wedding invitations... With it you can create wax seals in a cleaner and faster way.


- Gun size: 17 x12 cm.

- Suitable for 7 and 8 mm diameter sealing wax bars.

- On/off switch with light indicator.

- Support base to be able to leave at rest and get stability and security in addition to avoiding possible stains or damage to the project.

- Low temperature gun: avoids bubbles when the sealing wax melts.

- Precision applicator and metal tip.


- Connect the gun to the electric current and turn on the small switch you will find on the handle.

- Insert the sealing wax bar in the back and wait a few minutes for the gun to heat up.

- Squeeze the trigger and in circular movements pour the chosen amount to make your seal (it will depend on the size and thickness you want to give it). Position your stamp on top and after a few minutes remove.


- If you want to use more than one color you must introduce one bar after the other and wait, each result will be different. Once you want to return to solid color the best thing to do is to try to purify with a white bar until you get rid of previous remains (keep in mind that every time you turn off the gun the material cools inside but when you turn it on it melts again and there may be small remains). If you want to achieve neatness use a gun for each color.

- There is a mistake in the packaging and instructions for use. It is a low temperature gun designed for lacquering.

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