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With the purchase of this subscription you will receive the stamps of April, May and June 2023.

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This subscription model is the one you should choose if you are an international subscriber. If you are interested in monthly subscriptions, please visit our montly subscription section.

Every 3 months you will receive three stamps + three exclusive products with a storage envelope included (taxes included, the final price will depend on the area where you reside). This price includes taxes but not shipping fees, which will vary depending on the area where you are.

In addition, you will have a 10% discount on our entire website, with the following exceptions: new items, old subscription products and special products (workshop kits, workshops, lines created with collaborators, etc...). You will also have the option to group orders until the 25th of the month (you can read all the conditions CLICKING HERE)

Your subscription will be renewed and charged to the card you have automatically selected on March 9th, June 9th and September 9th. For shipping dates and other information please refer to the subscription conditions and read carefully. By making the purchase of this item you will have a commitment to stay until December 2023.

Please read the purchase conditions carefully before subscribing. You can read them HERE.

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